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Experience Designer. Research fellow. Design Thinker. Usability nerd. Front-end enthusiast.

User research

Gain fundamentals by evaluating user needs and –behavior

Planning and conducting qualitative and quantitative research and testing, like moderated usability testing, interviews, questionnaires, analytics…

Processdesign workshop
Usertesting scenario

Design Thinking

Obtain innovation for businesses, brands and teams

Evaluating requirements and painpoints. Creating user centered solutions. Thinking outside the box!

Paper prototype testing scenario
Design Thinking workshop

Experience- and Servicedesign

Increase satisfaction with sustainable and user centered experiences

Developing holistic experiences backed by research, focused on success, made for lasting

Girl is satisfied as result of a good experience design
Photobooth created with raspberry pi, arduino and a bluetoothprinter

Wireframing and Prototyping

Imaginize experiences and concepts

Translating ideas into wireframes and clickable prototypes for presentation–, communication and testingreasons

Highlevel user journey for the CV-wizard tool
Wireframes and Visualdesign for a CV-wizard web-app

Guidelines and Patternlibraries

Grow understanding and usage of experiences and components

Standardize, categorize and functionize interfaces and convert concepts into applicable toolkits

Examples of guidelines for UX- & UI-design

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